13 Things to Consider Before Buying a Yacht or Boat

While this list of 13 things to consider before buying a yacht might seem like overkill, it will safe you from the headache of trying to find a buyer for your boat or yacht after you have second thoughts. Before starting your search for yachts for sale, go through this list and then make your purchase, it will make for happier times out on the water.

Yacht for sale1. Choose the right boat or yacht designed for your needs. Don’t buy a boat designed for fishing of you plan on using it for party’s with friends and family.

2. Never pay the asking price when buying a boat, the selling price is often much lower if you can negotiate a better deal.

3. Consider where the boat will be stored. Weigh the cost of a new trailer versus the price to rent space at the local marina.

4. Even if you are a skilled boater, be sure to take a class on boating safety. Your passengers expect that you know what you are doing out there.

5. Write down all the expenses associated with a new boat. This includes fuel, permits, maintenance, repairs, equipment, to name a few.

6. Consider getting a smaller boat. This way you can see if you really are cut out for this lifestyle without risking too much money.

7. Get down to the local boat show and be prepared to ask a ton of questions. This is your chance to be right there with experienced people in yachting.

8. Consider going in the deal as a partner with some friends. This way everyone shares the costs and the time out on the water.

9. Invest in a satellite phone in case you are trapped out at sea and need assistance to get the boat back to shore.

10. Think about the difference in new versus used. Many used boats are only a year old but packed with added accessories included in the sale price.

11. Make certain there are no restrictions in your neighborhood for storing a boat and trailer on your property.

12. Sleep on the idea. Many times a buyer wishes they had time to think it through before they made the deal. If you feel the same tomorrow, buy!

13. Consider how many people you will be taking out each week and buy the right size boat so everyone has plenty of room.

These 13 things to consider before buying a boat will help you to get off on the right foot and enjoy the time you have out on the water with your family or friends.