Lab101 | Website Design Basics

Designing a website must start from the basic of design. It is important to consider the basics because it is the foundation. Starting “the basic” is all about space, layout, colors, fonts and messages.  Myrtle Beach Mortgage Place is a great example of using website design basics.

A good website does not only mean that you need to gather important information and post it in your website. Research presentation will be more effective if you use and choose the best selection, presentation and organization of materials. Web designing is very important. Without the basic, you will not have viewers. Basic and modern should go together. Basic is important because it is the foundation of your website. After the basic, you need to construct design in order to capture the attention and interest of people.

The basics in website designing are the following:

  1. Graphic should not large enough. 10KB to 12KB is the appropriate size of an image. There are many people who use broadband at home or office. Sometimes, large images can cause delay and slow pages. If the image in your web design is small, it cannot be seen easily by broadband users.
  2. Graphics must fit and connect on the content. It is very important to choose the design of your website. For example your service and product is all about foods, all that should be included must be related to your business. Even if you have picture of your favorite pet, it is useless if you put it in your website. The photos that must be there are your products. Pictures must be connected to what you are offering.
  3. Avoid using images or photos that blink, rotate, flash or change. These can distract and annoy people. The simpler the images are, the more attractive it will be.
  4. Use standard and consistent layout. Three columns layout are good to use because it successfully works. Simple words and design is easy to comprehend and understand. Consistency of you design is needed. It includes voice tone, navigational tools, backgrounds and color schemes. There are instances that you are dividing the page of our site. If this happens, it should have consistency so that people will not be confused of it.
  5. Limit the fonts. It is important to have changes in the font. This will make your site catchy and interesting. If viewers look the same font as you have before in your site, they will not read it anymore thinking that it is the previous style and text.

These are the basics in web designing. It is important to consider the basic and partnered it with the modern design so that your website will be more interesting. After designing your website, consult a close friend and ask if it is ok or needs improvement. Your friend will tell you if there are things that are needed to improve.

Proofreading is very important. Sometimes, there are grammar errors that you may encounter when designing your website. Through proofreading, you will know and see your errors and be able to correct it before introducing it to the public.

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