Why You Should Keep Website Design Simple | Lab 101

The technology of the internet has opened a great way for business to capture brand and market share very quickly. There are lots of ways on the” how to” of accessing this power in the digital world. It is also a great means to accomplish branding of your company or product and that was the reason in upgrading the services of various companies in different industries. Each of these has their own website. If you are dreaming of having your own website, its design should be simple. Why? Find out more. Here is a great example of a minimalistic website style featuring Charleston Mortgage Rates – charlestonmortgageplace.com.

Why simple?mortgage

Your website is the most important thing in showcasing your products and services. It served as the reflection of what type of company you have and products that you are offering. It doesn’t mean that being simple, it should already have a minimalist design. As you know having flashy images and other contemporary fonts have a great effect on access information. Having this will make a minute load and be able to access the information. If this was the case, the tendency will be the person will just close the website and then try to look for another. It is for sure that you really do not want this to happen, don’t you? You better for a couple of times before you jump into action. To give you a clearer view, here are the advantages of having a simple website design:

  • Fast Load time – Having a simple website means that it has smaller files. Having this size, it will help your users to have faster way in browsing your site.
  • Debugging made easy – Having simple codes in this website, if there was bugs that was found, it will be easy for you to debug.
  • Saves time in building and designing – A simple page layout would mean that it will be just easy for you to develop it. Having just a maximum of two templates are just easy to build and create.
  • Server space saver –Simple code for this website will be great in saving the bandwidth and the server space. It is really an advantage when your site has lots of server space especially if you have huge number of visitors.
  • Easy to locate information – This is a great advantage that you will get having a simple website. It is because it is a user-friendly for giving your users a quick access to information. You are sure that you will be able to have more and more clients.
  • Easy to navigate – Another great thing to look forward because having no complex and clustered navigation elements, it is just so easy to navigate. Simple navigation menu will just do for your website.
  • Search engine robot friendly – The content in your website really matters especially for scanning purposes of robot. It is also the first thing that you viewers want to know. Too much of decorative elements will not help you to have a good SEO standing which is really bad. To avoid it, a simple one will just do.

Decorative and complex elements are not needed for your website. Just make it simple and you will surprised how great will it be and great not just for you but to your viewers.